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1. Do you have a job?

I work for my sponsors but I donít have a job as such. I do freelance work


2. What do you do in your spare time?

Walk my dogs, take my grandson swimming, spend time in my motorhome


3. Was swimming always your dream or

     did  you plan to have another career?

No swimming wasnít my first choice, I planed to be a doctor.


4. What is the name of your dogs?

Conrad (German Shepard), Max, which is my grandsonís dog (Shitzu-Maltese)


5. Do you swim any more?

Yes not a lot but for my fitness and I take my grandson swimming


6. Why did you get banned?

I marched in the opening ceremony in the 1964 Olympics and wore an unofficial swim suit in the heats of the 100m freestyle.


7. Do you like to travel?

Yes I love visiting other countries but most of all I love to travel within Australia in my Winnebago motor home.


8. Who do you look up to (mentors)?

My brother Donnie


9. What made you want to be a great


I was an asthmatic and knew swimming was good for my health.






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10. How do you feel about your success?

I always felt good about what I achieved because I trained & worked very hard to become the best at what I did.



11. If you were invited to a dinner party which 4

       famous people would you like to meet there and

       what would you like to eat?

 Nicole Kidman, Nelson Mandela, Oprah, Morgan Freeman and we would eat:

Entree - Tuna Carpaccio

Main - Rack of Lamb

Dessert - Chocolate Souffle accompanied by a lot of icecream.



12. What is your favourite lolly or snack food?

Dark chocolate



13. What swimming clubs did you swim for?

Leichhardt/Balmain, Balmain Ladies Amateur Swimming Club & Crystal Pool Amateur Swimming Club(Adelaide), Melbourne Olympic Amateur Swimming Club (Melbourne)


14. Who were your swimming coaches?

Chut Miranda for the first few years then Harry Gallagher took over for the rest of Dawn's swimming career. Dawn never had any other swimming coaches in her entire swimming career



14. Why did you choose swimming?

I did it because I had very bad asthma and the sport was cheap.  I only needed a costume and towel... my family couldn't afford much.



15. Was swimming your first choice?

No.  My first love was horses but it was just too expensive for me.




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